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mom friends motherhood motherhood in the raw raw mom life real mom May 12, 2022

I always hated writing papers in college. So when I felt the call to start writing in December of 2020, I scoffed. "Who me?" Yeah, okay.

But God persisted and eventually I started. I started sharing to my email list and to my Instagram community. I started writing a devotional. And here I am starting this blog. You never know how God is going to use you and I'm grateful He keeps pursuing me to share my message.

There's this perception of Social Media to share the perfectly curated life. And I'm calling BS. Is life good? You're damn right it is. Is it hard AF at times? You're damn right it is. 

I started the brand, Raw Mom Life, to start talking about those hard things. No mom should have to feel shame over the things she thinks, feels, and goes through as a mom. And no mom should have to go through that shit alone.

I got you, mama. You're not alone.