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30 Self Care Tasks that Won't Add to Your To-Do List

motherhood self care May 23, 2022

Self care has become a trendy topic. It can sometimes feel like *eye roll* another talk about self care... but the truth is, it's trendy b/c it's freaking important! Us mamas are busy and chaotic and life feels like a hot mess sometimes. Little bits of self care incorporated throughout your day can make a world of difference between a crappy day and a good one.

This is why I created a PDF for you to get some ideas of self care tasks that will help you feel sane but also doesn't add to your to-do list. I mean, I love a girls night or a long bubble bath, but it's not always possible. A text to a friend, a long hug from my kiddo, wearing red lipstick for no reason... those are things that make me smile and boost my mood. 

I know you are busy too, mama... overwhelmed, exhausted, all the things Motherhood so lovingly brings on, so grab these ideas here: Self Care